Rice Bran

Parameters Specifications
Moisture Max 10%
Protein Average 15-16%
Fibre 10-14 % As Per Demand
We bring forth high quality¬†Rice Bran¬†to the clients. Rice bran is the hard outer part of the grain that consists of ‘aleurone’, a form of protein found in the protein granules of maturing seeds, as well as ‘pericarp’, the outer and edible layer of the rice kernel. Apart from these two, it also contains germs and endosperm of the rice kernel. Rice bran is obtained as a by-product during the rice milling process and the outer layers or parts are removed at the time of whitening or polishing of the husked rice. It composes of many nutritious substances like protein, fat, fiber, various anti-oxidants, etc. that have a beneficial effect on human health. Because of its multi-nutritional properties, rice bran is being consumed in almost all industries envolved in Cattle & poultry Feed manufacturing & Rice Bran Oil is consumed by humans. It helps in reducing the level of cholesterol, thereby reducing the risks of heart attacks in human beings. The presence of dietary fibers and whole grains helps in preventing the occurrence of Type II diabetes. Rice bran also helps in reducing high blood pressure as well as intestinal cancer.